Ki's Story

Ki's was started as a simple idea in a small converted beauty shop in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. In 1980, Catherine "Ki" Holcomb partnered with her son, Barry, to provide the local community with fresh juice and vitamins. Shortly after, Ki started cooking home style meals prepared in a healthful manner. The meals were a hit, and the popularity of Ki's grew steadily.

In 1994, to facilitate ever-growing popularity, Ki's moved from its original location to a two-story, ocean view home on South Coast Highway 101 where it resides today. It was at this time that Ki's Kitchen was founded as a separate company and started providing fresh salads, sandwiches dressings, salsas, and baked goods throughout San Diego county. Our newest additions include organic cold brew coffee, organic lemonade, and organic cold pressed juice.

Ki's has been privately owned by the Holcomb family since its inception. Besides continuing to grow the business and foster customer loyalty, the Holcomb family has looked to enrich the community by providing nutritious, great tasting food. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Ki's experience with your friends and family in the years to come!

Environmental Awareness - Green Living

Ki's approaches business with awareness of the environment. It recycles as much as possible. Ki's ongoing plan is to regularly integrate environmentally friendly actions into its day-to-day business. Long ago (at least well over a decade ago) Ki's became a pioneering user of the now pervasive biodegradable brown napkin. These days, Ki's is moving toward containers that can be composted.

We are big believers in the idea that the quality of the ingredients affects the quality of the dish. Right from the beginning, we have researched the source of all our ingredients. Our criteria are: they must be naturally or organically raised and they must use ecologically-sound and humane practices. With this in mind, we are working with Whole Foods Market to develop a local and organic, ready-to-eat product line.